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The World Development Foundation (WDF) is a global development advisory firm. Our objective is to solve some of the most challenging development problems that exist across the globe. WDF was founded in 1991, by ex-Advisors to multilateral agencies such as the United Nations (U.N.) and development banks.


Our goal is not to compete with institutions such as the United Nations and the World Bank, but to supplement the work that is being done by such multilateral organizations. WDF will assist at various stages of the project delivery process including program conceptualization, financing, implementation and evaluation. WDF is a niche player in the development space due to its unique network of international organizations including the U.N. system, U.S. Government agencies, large MNCs, global consulting corporations and emerging third world institutions.

A typical project is initiated by a request by a national-level NGO to examine and implement a development proposal. WDF finances projects through net contributions from each country office of WDF, trust funds, sponsorships, fund raising activities and donations.


WDF seeks to operate through full-time Country Directors in over 210 countries. Country Directors and teams plan and execute WDF's activities locally in order to achieve country developmental targets as well as global developmental targets. All WDF Country Directors are members of the WDF Global Governing Council (GGC). The GGC, chaired by Director General and a Deputy Director General, meets several times every year to discuss global issues. The Director General is answerable to the Board of Permanent Advisors (BPA), which is the final decision making authority.

"WDF creates congenial environments for the entry of firms into foreign lands and transforms them into sustainable and profitable businesses."

Dr. Raju Chandrasekar
Founder & President
World Development Foundation

Meet the Founder

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Dr. Raju Chandrasekar is Founder and Director of the World Development Foundation (WDF). He has been involved in all aspects of WDF's development since 1991. He is also one of the founders of the World Energy Forum in New York, NY, USA.

Dr. Chandrasekar is a Senior Executive, Management Practitioner and Academician. During his several decades of professional experience he has split his time between hands-on international managerial work, consulting and academics in over 45 countries.

Dr. Chandrasekar began his development career at the United Nations (U.N.). During his tenure at the U.N., he led assignments in Lesotho, Jordan, India and Thailand. The lasting impact and tangible results generated at these countries are remembered even today.

Dr. Chandrasekar is widely regarded as an expert in creating congenial environments for the entry of firms into foreign lands and transforming them into sustainable and profitable businesses. Currently, Dr. Chandrasekar is leading WDF's efforts to be associated with government or private sector institutions that originate from a particular market and that are interested in penetrating effectively into virgin territories. He is well known for his high level of enthusiasm and energy both in theoretical and practical domains. He has been repeatedly successful in handling very complex issues across many development domains and sectors.

A large part of Dr. Chandrasekar's practical work experience has been associated with MNCs and several indigenous firms. Until recently, Dr. Chandrasekar was Managing Director of a prominent consulting firm in India where he led the area of Strategic Management. In the past, he has served as a Non Executive Director for seven companies including one that traded on an Indian Stock Exchange. He has advised several MNCs regarding funding and business development strategy in new markets. He also worked for several government-controlled enterprises at many locations in India at senior levels early in his career.

Dr. Chandrasekar is listed both in the public sector (#65 in the Bureau of Public Enterprises data base http://dpe.nic.in/newsite/databankinddir.htm) and the private sector (Prime Directors database http://www.primedirectors.com/directorship.asp) as an eligible Independent Director in Listed Companies. He is an inspection team member of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) of the UGC. As a Member of the Committee for the UGC, Dr. Chandrasekar deals with 1) granting autonomy and deemed university status to colleges 2) exporting Indian education abroad and 3) creating a graduate registry in the UGC of India. He is also a member of a several UGC committees that direct funding, planning and regulation of higher education in India. Dr. Chandrasekar has also served as the Chairman and as an Expert with the NBA of the AICTE (the accreditation and assessment body for technical and management education) and AICTE approval teams. As a Sr. Research Associate of the ASLI Institute of Malaysia, held a senior position at the Africa Leadership Forum and was a member of the International Board of Salute America-USA (http://www.saluteamerica.org/about_us.htm).

Dr. Chandrasekar has also ensured that his theoretical and practical knowledge reaches a larger audience by actively teaching and writing. He has been a Faculty/Professor in Management, training a very large number of MBA students at a host of very well respected Management education institutions. Some of these institutions include the Department of Business at the University of Bahrain, Department of Commerce and Management at Bangalore University, ICFAI Business School, Bharatidasan Institute of Management, Bharatidasan University, Indian Institute of Management, Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management studies, DC School of Management and Technology, Administrative Staff College of India, Modern Institute of Management, St. Joseph's College of Business Administration and the Institute of Financial and International Management. He also holds/held the following positions: Advisor/Professor at The National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management - A Government of India and Government of AP JV, Visiting Fellow of the University of Geneva, Professor of Management at several web Universities, Assistant Vice President and Vice Dean (Deputy Vice Chancellor) of an International University and Dean of Development of a U.S Distance Education University.

Dr. Chandrasekar was also associated (in an editorial capacity) with several U.S. magazines such as Electronic Business, Wireless Week, Leaders, International Cable, Radio World, Global Finance (http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3715/is_200104/ai_n8930803), and The Modern Tribune where he authored actual cases on business management. He was also associated with Corporate Today and Business Digest in India. His editorial successes have gained him international recognition.

Dr. Chandrasekar holds a B.E. (Hons) in E&C Engineering and a B.E. in Industrial Engineering, a PGDIT from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, an MBA from Bangalore University and a PhD in Management from Pondicherry Central University. His PhD thesis was a global study covering 25 countries focusing on their Export and Trade Promotion Polices in finance and business development . He also received a PhD (Honoria Causa) for his contributions in the field of Higher Education Management from a U.S. University. He is proficient in six languages including Arabic.

Our Services

WDF provides a wide range of advisory and financing services to international economic development initiatives. WDF works intimately with the governments of host countries to achieve long-term development goals. WDF is organized around key centers of excellence that range from Food and Agriculture Development to Global Energy.


  •  Center for Children & Women Development
  •  Center for Education
  •  Center for Food and Agriculture Development
  •  Center for Global Energy
  •  Center for Global Health
  •  Center for Global Security
  •  Center for Global Trade
  •  Center for Global Warming
  •  Center for International Aviation
  •  Center for Maritime
  •  Center for Science & Technology
  •  Center for Software & Development
  •  Center for Supply Chain and Logistics
  •  Center for Telecommunications
  •  Center for Tourism, Hospitality & Management

WDF's- Ranura offering corporate services:


  •  Business Process Outsourcing
  •  Financing
  •  Innovation Practices
  •  Inter & Intra-country Negotiations
  •   Joint Ventures
  •  Mergers & Acquisitions
  •   Multi-location Operations
  •   Policy Analysis
  •  Public-Private Partnerships
  •  Research & Development
  •  Strategic Advisory
  •  Center for Software & Development
  •  Center for Supply Chain and Logistics
  •  Center for Telecommunications
  •  Center for Tourism, Hospitality & Management
  •  Center for Supply Chain and Logistics
  •  Center for Telecommunications
  •  Center for Tourism, Hospitality & Management
  •  Center for Tourism, Hospitality & Management


It is a process of continuous positive change affecting the economic, political, ethnic, social and commercial aspects of the lives of individuals, corporations, groups and countries. WDF uses a systematic approach to dissect development problems and leverages its unique mix of resources to deliver results.


  1.  Improve standards of living through better infrastructure
  2.  Reduce poverty
  3.  Increase employment
  4.  Eradicate disease
  5.  Improve literacy
  6.  Provide better housing
  7.  Stop environmental degradation
  8.  Create global trade, finance and other resource flows
  9.  Control international debt

WDF and Corporate Social Responsibility

Since 1991, WDF has been an ambassador for Corporate Social Responsibility. WDF was conceived through the fundamental understanding that the convergence of the private and public sectors is a necessary force to facilitate economic and social development in the international community.

  •  Improve literacy
  •  Provide better housing
  •  Stop environmental degradation
  •  Create global trade, finance and other resource flows
  •  Control international debt
  •  Center for Maritime

Our Portfolio



WDF is in the process of identifying, forming and incorporating charitable/non-tax entities in countries across the world. WDF is actively looking for passionate senior level social entrepreneurs to establish and run these individual country missions.

Desired Qualifications

  • Demonstrated passion for the development of their country through large trade and investment inflows
  • Distinguished in the government and private sectors of his/her country as well as abroad
  • Prior relevant development consulting and/or multilateral development sector experience

Job Details

Country Directors will travel nationally/internationally in creating, executing and evaluating large projects involving large financial outlays. The Country Director is expected to run his/her country operation with total flexibility on a self financed basis. WDF salaries and benefits are the most competitive in the development industry.


If you are are interested in being part of a dynamic global development organization, you are encouraged to send

  1.  A detailed resume/bio-data
  2.  A list of your lifetime achievement in development
  3.  A 2500 word document on your country's development and how you along with WDF can contribute to this process and
  4.  A photograph.

The write up must include current/near term projects, cross-border trading and investment opportunities, and any other relevant justification for WDF to open a local office in your country. All documentation will be kept strictly confidential. If selected, all Country Directors will need to sign mutual NCND and TOR agreements.

Please mail all materials to:


47A, Ground Floor,
9th Main, H.A.L. 3rd Stage,
Bangalore - 560075 INDIA

Email: wdfglobal@gmail.com

WDF is looking for qualified development professionals to expand its global presence.

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